Euro Zone, will it survive . . . ?


A visão da Hawkeye Wealth sobre o momento que se vive nos mercados internacionais, é sem dúvida de valor para quem quer acompanhar a situação economica mundial. Situação que afecta cada um de nós.

The 5-year credit default swap for Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain continued to widen signaling that investors are not confident that the unprecedent bailout measure will be sufficient to stabilize the European economies. The markets judge expectations based on facts not based on will. Politics may solve several diplomatic issues but economic ones they can only try to support. In our view, the bailout solution, which implies that countries like Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy, who also have serious sovereign debt problems, have to lend money to Greece is like asking “the poor to lend money to the begger”. The result being, “the poor will also become a begger”.


Reducing exposure to EMU members and diversifying your currency portfolio would be a smart move!

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