It's all about balance (work + life)

Encontrei este texto do início do ano no linkedin de , o qual nos faz refletir sobre o balanceamento que temos da nossa vida entre trabalho e vida pessoal.

Balance! It is the word of the moment. And the most important one in this crazy busy world we are all living on.

I have to confess that I miss the balance between work and life I had in Brazil. Since I moved to London and started to work in recruitment, I realized that companies want robots instead of people. I know money is important, but my life isn’t made of money only. And I bet that it’s not only mine.

So, I have decided that balance is also very important and we need it. Focus on the job when you are working; focus on your life when you are not working. It is simple.

Most of people spend 10 or more hours at work 5 days of week. I honestly think it is enough. 10 hours a day (it is the average hours I work) it’s a lot of hours of my life I am giving to a company. I need balance. I need time to myself, I need time to do my shopping, I need time to rest, I need time to keep my flat clean, I need time to keep my diet balanced and healthy, I need time to do some exercises, I need time for my friends, I need time to watch TV or read a book, I need time for my boyfriend, I need time for my family, I need time to enjoy myself.

With no balance, your life will be a living hell. You will be stressed, sick, angry, unhappy. I really value my free time and I enjoy every single moment. It is important to me, always has been and always will be.

I don’t think about work at home. I don’t work at home. At home, it is all about me.

They say we have to leave our personal problems at home when we go to work. Following this assumption, we have to leave our work at the office by the end of each day. No double standards.

I saw this picture the other day and it made me think about this balance thing. And I decided that I don’t want to be an old woman when I start to enjoy life. I want to do it now, while I’m young and full of energy. So I have to have balance in my life in order to do everything, work and enjoy.


I don’t want to look back when I’m 70 and regret of everything I didn’t do because I didn’t have time or because I was working so much that I was tired to do something fun on the weekend or on my holiday.

My plans for 2015 regarding balance:

  1. Do my job and do it well within my working hours;
  2. No overtime, no work on weekends;
  3. Enjoy my free time;
  4. Travel;
  5. Spend time with people I love.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, my career is important to me AS WELL, money is important, but I rather be happy, surrounded by friends and family with little money than a lonely workaholic.

I used to work a lot, worry a lot, until the day I found the one and only grey hair on my head. That was it! I am too young to have grey hair so I stopped worry too much about work. I found my balance and now I have time to do my personal things when I finish my day at the office.

What about you? Did you find your balance? Or are you still struggle to have quality time with your family and friends? Feel free to tell your story.

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